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When is the promotion live?

The purchase period starts on 1/10/2020 at 12:01am AEST and ends on 31/12/2020 at 11:59 pm AEDT.

How do I claim?

  1. Purchase any 750ml or 1L Participating Hardys product/s in one (1) transaction from any off-premise liquor retailer or online retailer (that stocks Hardys wine) in Australia – excluding On Premise purchases; and
  2. Enjoy your Hardys product.
  3. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product then head to the CLAIM PAGE, fully complete the money back guarantee claim form with a copy / scan / photo of your purchase receipt for the qualifying product consumed and tell us in 15 words or more why you are not 100% satisfied to claim your money back.

Who is eligible to Claim the Money Back Offer?

Australian residents, 18+ only.

How many times can I claim the money back guarantee?

Claims are limited to one (1) per person, bank account, mobile number and email address, during the entire Claim Period. Limit one (1) claim permitted per Qualifying Purchase/Bottle and up to the MAX RRP listed in Annexure A of the Terms and Conditions.

What are the participating products?

Most 750ml & 1L Hardys bottled table wine or sparkling product (excludes cask and fortified), see Annexure A of the Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive list.

Where can I find the participating products?

Any off-premise liquor retailer or online retailer that stocks Hardys wine in Australia - excludes On Premise purchases.

I bought a participating Hardys product but the store wasn’t aware of the promotion. Can I still enter?

You are still eligible to claim your money back guarantee. Claims will be accepted from any off-premise liquor retailer, please retain your purchase receipt showing the products purchased and from what retailer, before uploading to the website.

I no longer have my receipt, how do I claim?

Sorry, with every claim a valid purchase receipt is required to verify your purchase.

I purchased a product outside of the eligible dates, can I still claim?

No, claims outside of the claim period (displayed on the Terms and Conditions in store, on this website or on the bottle stickers) will not be accepted.

Does it matter if the bottle of Hardys wine purchased is or isn’t on a price promotion / discounted?

No, regardless if there is a price promotion or not the Hardys wine is still eligible, pending it is a participating product. See Annexure A of the Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive list.

When do I have to redeem/claim my money back guarantee by?

You have until the 15/01/2021 11.59pm AEDT to make a claim. Claims received outside of this date/time will not be honoured.

Proof of purchase

You must keep the following as proof of purchase:
  • original itemised purchase receipt(s) for the Qualifying Purchase; and
  • photo of empty packaging of Participating Product purchased.
If a clear photo/scanned copy of the purchase receipt for the Qualifying Purchase is not provided with the claim form and/or the original itemised purchase receipt(s) for the Qualifying Purchase and/or photo of empty packaging of the Participating Product purchased is not provided, the Promoter has the right to disqualify the claim and forfeit the claimant’s right to the money back offer.

Your purchase receipt must clearly identify where the Qualifying Purchase was made, the product/s purchased (which must be/comprise a Qualifying Purchase) and the date of purchase (which must be during the Purchase Period and before you submitted the online claim form).

How do I get my money back once have made a claim?

If you submit a valid claim you will receive money back for the Participating Product purchased, via bank transfer / EFT. Please ensure the details you enter on your claim form are your correct bank details, as these details cannot be amended or changed upon submission.

I’ve submitted a valid claim, how long till I get my money back?

Within 5 business days, you will be notified via email if your claim is successful and when your claim had been processed. Typically funds should be received into your nominated bank account within 5-10 business days. If you have any concerns, reach out via the Contact Us page.

What happens if the amount I purchased the participating product for (as shown on my Purchase receipt) is more than the maximum RRP listed in the Terms and Conditions?

You will get amount listed on your purchase receipt, unless that amount exceeds the maximum RRP listed in Terms and Conditions, in which case the maximum RRP for the Participating Product will instead be awarded. See Annexure A of the Terms and Conditions for maximum RRPs.

What happens if I purchase multiple Participating products on one (1) purchase receipt?

If multiple Participating Products are purchased in one (1) transaction, only the one (1) nominated Participating Product listed on your claim form will be referred to in determining money back received. For the sake of clarity, a claimant may only receive money back for one (1) Bottle (Participating Product) purchased only.

What happens if I have included the wrong bank details on my claim form?

Pending how long it has been since you have submitted your claim will determine if your bank details can be updated or not. To check, please go to the CONTACT US section – and submit an enquiry.